Xfinity Eloa English Agreement

The easy way to manage your Xfinity account anywhere and anytime – without appeal. It`s easy and quick to access and customize your wi-fi and password name, check service outages, fix or update your equipment, display and pay your bill, determine your technician`s arrival time, view your channel list, and update your account when and where you want. Billing – Check your balance, look at your billing history and pay your bill with a bank account, credit card or Apple Pay – Sign up for paperless billing with EcoBill to get monthly statements in your electronic inbox instead of your mailbox. Manage your account information – View your channel`s list and change your account information, z.B your phone number, Password and email address – Search for or change your Xfinity id – Find out about your use on the Internet – View your configuration and configuration of the number of digital voices and troubles: Show or customize your WIFi name and password – Update your X1-TV-Box and correct your Xfinity devices- Check the login status of your devices and receive updates for updates Service outages – Use the Xfinity assistant to ask questions and receive help to reschedule or cancel your service appointment – Find out about your technician`s estimated arrival time Contact us – Request a reminder from an Xfinity representative – Find the nearest comcast service center – Learn more about the “Don`t sell my personal data” options under , the fees and taxes you have to pay. You agree to pay for the service. You acknowledge that your payment is made for a period of service days that was set at the time of your purchase. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING GOVERNMENT FEES AND TAXES THAT APPLY TO SERVICES, INCLUDING FEES AND TAXES REASONABLY CALCULATED BY COMCAST. If you renew the service, price information is available at (or any other website available to you). We may change our rates, fees, service and/or terms of this agreement in the future.

Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement or applicable law, the amendments to this Agreement come into effect ten (ten) days after its publication in