Ua Local 38 Collective Bargaining Agreement

(132) In accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970, it is the employer`s responsibility to ensure the safety of its workers and its compliance with the safety rules contained or set by the employer. There is nothing in this agreement that makes the Union liable to workers or others in the event of injury or accident. In addition, the employer will not conduct any dispute against the Union, on a theory of subrogation, a theory of dues or otherwise, in order to obtain a judgment of money on its part in connection with the death or violation of workers who occur on the sites covered by this agreement. (53) Any worker who gives up a job on the first day of employment receives a 10-hour work allowance as long as he arrives at the workplace within one and a half hours of the normal duration of the shipment. All other hours and related matters are consistent with Article VI of this Agreement. (281) No subsequent changes in wages take effect after the start of the employer`s activity, unless such a change in wages or working conditions has been agreed and in accordance with the effective date agreed in the negotiations between the local union and the recognized bargaining agency of the contractors. (14) Employers covered by this agreement are free to appoint their own representatives for collective bargaining and contract management. However, this designation does not affect the employer`s affiliation with the rate unit created by this agreement. (154) If the federal government introduces wage controls in any form and part of that collective agreement is deferred or reduced, the parties meet immediately and, if the federal government`s action, which caused the deferral or reduction, makes it legally admissible, the parties attempt to redeploy the monetary equivalent of the deferred or reduced salary to federal government benefits.

Any qualifications of workers who are excluded from the plan under good faith negotiations and for whom no dues are required do not participate in the plan. Individuals in these excluded classifications are not considered “collaborators” within the meaning of the plan and this type form of participation agreement.