Solicitors Remuneration Order Tenancy Agreement

14 14 For the next RM2,000, % For the next RM2.500, % If the amount guaranteed or financed is negotiable on the surplus, 7.500,000 RM (but may not exceed 0.4% of this surplus) for the main instrument The total fee for each subsidiary instrument within the meaning of Section 4(3) of the Stamp Act 1949 [Law 398] 10% scale taxes (subject to a minimum rm200 levy and a maximum charge of RM1,000) Notwithstanding the above rates, in the case of a transaction subject to the 1966 Act or subsidiary legislation under the Act, the remuneration of the lawyer who makes and concludes the transaction, whether for the financier/invoice or for the borrower, is RM250 if the consideration and the amount of the loan is equal to or less than RM 45,000; 75% of the royalties declared for the applicable amount, if the consideration and the amount of the loan exceed 45,000 RM, but no more than 100,000 RM; (c) 70% of the applicable royalties declared if the consideration and amount of the loan are greater than RM 100,000, but no more than RM 500,000; or a minimum scale of RM200 must be taken. Assuming that, for any transaction in which a standard sales contract, pursuant to the 1966 Act or the subsidiary Law 118 subsidiary law, is subject to a standard sales contract, which are made under this agreement, is applicable and is the consideration for the transfer of the property RM100,000 or less, the following rates apply: a) if the consideration is equal to or greater than 30,000 RM30,000 and lower: subscription of the sale contract until the conclusion 20 20 d) if the amount or value is in kind, the amount or the value of it; (e) the time spent by the lawyer; (f) the number and service of documents prepared or verified by counsel; (g) the location and circumstances in which services or transactions or their parts are provided or executed. (2) In a case where a lawyer has made a transaction and no individual title of ownership or position has been issued at the time of the first conclusion of the transaction – fair and fair remuneration for the lawyer who made the transfer or subsequent remuneration is a fee that does not exceed 25% of the taxes indicated in the first or other schedule, with a minimum fee of RM200; and if this transfer or royalty instrument includes more than one security or position, the RM50 lawyer receives appropriate and appropriate additional remuneration for each additional title. 3. In a case where a lawyer makes a transaction after the issuance of the individual ownership document or the title of the individual entries: however, it did not have the completion of the transaction when it was concluded prior to the issuance of the individual title of ownership or post – 17 17 the instrument is then forwarded to the borrower`s lawyer/Chargor to conclude the transaction, the remuneration of the lawyer of the financier/payer and the lawyer of the borrower/Chargors is 50% of the fees in effect in this schedule; or prepared by the borrower`s lawyer/Chargors and the instrument is forwarded to counsel for the commission`s lawyer to confirm the lawyer`s signature for the financier/debtor, the financier/debtor`s lawyer may only collect a single fee for the certificate according to the fifth schedule and the remuneration of the borrower`s lawyer/Chargors is RM300.