Australia Vietnam Trade Agreement

The government has implemented ambitious structural reform that addresses economic challenges such as public debt, welding, non-trade barriers and environmental sustainability, social justice and emerging macroeconomic stability issues. Vietnam`s share is $8 billion, or 10% of Australia`s ASEAN trade. The results indicate that there is a strong market for sustainable urbanization services in Vietnam, as it is a rapidly growing economy with a growth rate of 86 million people, with a growth rate of 7.5 to 8% per year, where infrastructure development has been identified as a priority sector at the national level. , which encourages both investment and external expertise. Increased trade is creating more Australian jobs and providing more opportunities for Australian businesses. Learn how to take advantage of free trade agreements. Read more… Please note that this list of websites and resources is not final. The inclusion on this list does not mean the approval of the Austrade. The information provided is only a guide.

The content is used for information and does not cover any guarantees; as such, the recipient must exercise his or her own discretion when used. Australia`s anti-corruption laws apply abroad and Austrade will not provide commercial services to a party who breaks the law and will provide credible evidence of an offence. For more information, please see the information and the foreign bribery awareness and awareness program. Australia`s Trade at a Glance – Australia`s Top Ten Trading Partners The key to economic growth is the recently signed ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), in which Vietnam commits to a series of liberal reforms, including the abolition of tariffs on 29% of tariffs by 2010 and almost 90% by 2025. It also includes commitments to develop regional rules of origin and improve the entry and exit conditions for businesses, as well as an improved investment protection system, which is an important instrument to facilitate trade and investment between the members of the agreement, including between Australia and Vietnam. Vietnam`s relations with Australia have seen many exceptional historical developments. Today, free trade has made Canberra and Hanoi partners. A comprehensive overview of political, economic and bilateral and regional trade agreements. In order to avoid default in collaboration with local partners, Austrade encourages companies to complete due diligence and require a standby letter of credit issued by a central branch of a trusted bank or commercial credit insurance. Austrade provides information, advice and a number of business services to help Australian businesses work at prices, costs and risks. The Australia-Vietnam Ministerial Joint Committee on Economic and Trade Cooperation (JTECC) is the most important mechanism between governments to advance bilateral trade and investment relations and address all issues.