CHICK TIP: Don’t be a Skimpy Stretcher!

Hey Chicks,

Are you what we call at FIT CHICKS, a skimpy stretcher?  Do you work out but breeze through your pre and post workout stretches?  This chick tip is all about sweetness of stretching.

Stretching is the most overlooked but one of the most important parts of your workout. It helps build your flexibility and range of motion for your muscles (which is soooo important as we get older),  reduces those achy break muscles and helps prevent injury.

Now did you know that there are 2 different types of stretching that you should do during your workout?

1. Dynamic Stretching

This basically means stretches with movement.  Dynamic stretching is done BEFORE your workout.  This is awesome because you are getting your muscles warmed up and you get a stretch to help prevent injury.

Examples of dynamic stretches would be arm circles, partial squats and one of my personal faves “The rock and roll!”

2. Static Stretching

This means stretched that are held still.  Static stretching is done after your workout.   This is time for you to get like gumbi and build your flexibility as your muscles are lovely and limber.  It will also save you from a lot of soreness the next day.

Examples of static stretching would be seated forward bend or IT band stretch.

Introducing the fab Seated forward bend!

IT Band Stetch with Amanda's kitty Lynx

Can’t reach your toes or are very tight? A little extra tip to help really work into your stretches and help you get deeper into your stretches is to grab a skipping rope or the band of your bathrobe.  Wrap this around the body part you are stretching that you can’t reach to give you the depth to eventually get there.

So Chicks, next time you get your sweat on.  Take a little bit more time to get those sweet stretched in before and after and don’t be a skimpy stretcher!

Have a fab day,

Laura,  your Head Chick

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