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FIT CHICKS Bootcamp Testimonials

From shedding pounds, dropping inches, building strength and learning to live la vida FIT CHICK, our chicks have seen AMAZING fitness and weight loss results (thanks to all of their hard work!) and we love to celebrate them. check out all of our latest ‘Chick of the Month’ success stories!

Fit Chicks has helped me reach my goals by being my first step towards fitness. After the first month and I had recovered from the brutal butt kicking my Chick Sergeant had dished out, I was surprised to see that I had lost 7 pounds and a few inches. That’s when I decided to get serious. FIT CHICKS gave me the confidence to get working out on a regular basis in an environment where I didn’t have to feel self-conscious about my weight. Fitness has changed my life completely. You have no idea how good you’ll feel until you lose the weight and you really don’t realize until you look back how much you hated being overweight and unhealthy.

Jenn, Toronto
Read how Jenn lost a whopping 100lbs and is loving living la vida FIT CHICKS

My Chick Sergeant rocks! Kim is always smiling and is very motivating. The weekend challenges she emails on Friday’s encourage me to get a workout in, in-between classes. I never would have thought that I’d be waiting for a workout challenge and look forward to doing it! I can kick my husbands butt on a workout! The printable workouts and the 20 min hottie video that are available make it very easy to get a workout in when there isn’t much time to spare. I kept a food journal, it works! Thanks for all the tips!

Cherine, Calgary
Check out her journey to a healthy lifestyle as our July 2012 chick of the month!)

I started bootcamp at 219 lbs and am now 175 lbs. I’m down 44 lbs & 12 inches! I took a couple of months to really get into the groove with both exercise and healthy eating, but once I figured things out I started to see steady/regular improvement. My mood has improved; I can climb the stairs to my 7th floor apartment without getting winded; as I use my muscles more I’m getting stronger and more aware and appreciative of them; even my asthma is becoming easier to manage!

Cate, Toronto
Read more about how Cate changed her life – inside & out!

FIT CHICKS is not like any fitness class or gym where there is little incentive to return. FIT CHICKS has given me the tools and motivation to make healthy living a lifelong goal. My Chick Sergeant, Hilary, is a fitness encyclopaedia and is always willing to share her knowledge about clean eating; the benefits of stretching; and why we do the exercises we do. She also does a bang up job of balancing those butt kicks with good laughs. The “High Intensity Hottie” workout video (which is a lot harder than it looks!) has also been amazing for keeping me on track in between classes.

Melissa G, Calgary
Check out her fitness & weighloss results as our April 2011 chick of the month!)

I have lost about 22lbs since August 2010. That might not sound like much but that weight loss is a lot for someone who is only 5’2 (okay really I am 4’11 but who’s counting?). Anyway that weight loss translates into over 20 inches lost from my chest, waist, hips and thighs. It means instead of squeezing into my tight size 14 jeans, I can just throw on a pair of size 8 jeans (in the exact same brand) and breathe! And I have muscles that you can actually see and feel. It is ridiculous! I am not going to lie, I show off my biceps every chance I get.

Kelly F, Ottawa
Read more of her journey to health and her before & after pics!)

As a new mom, I find it difficult to find time to do anything for myself. My reasons for joining Bootcamp were to spend some quality “me” time (two precious hours a week – sans bebe), shed those remaining post-baby pounds and do something fun with my girlfriends. As two of my best friends were getting married in 2010, it wasn’t hard to convince them to join me! So far, I’ve lost 6 lbs and almost 8 inches in total. I’ve definitely noticed a positive improvement in my dreaded “muffin top” area and better toning in my arms. More importantly, I just feel better overall – mentally and physically – since joining FIT CHICKS Bootcamp.

Katie, Toronto
Read more about this healthy mom in training

I’m not much of a yoga person since I like high impact cardio, but I gave FIT CHICKS yoga a try, and now I’m addicted! It really feels like a workout and I could already feel the difference after my first class, when usually it takes my body weeks to show results. I even feel the tension lifted from my body and mind by the end of the class. My instructor Amanda was fun, creative and really helped adjust my poses to constantly improve my technique. I didn’t think I could fit anything else into my busy life, but FIT CHICKS yoga is a staple in my schedule now!

Amber, Toronto

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