Episode 52 – FIT CHICKS Chat: Welcome to the gun show!

Hey Chick,

Booty’s are all the rage right now but what about your guns? Buff not burly biceps & triceps are a must for all chicks. They give you the strength to perform everyday activities, from shopping, picking up the wee ones, twisting open jars, and driving your car. As well it balances out your arms in a beautiful and awesome shape!

In Episode 52 of FIT CHICKS Chat, Head Chicks Laura and Amanda discuss:

  • Why women shouldn’t be afraid to work out the bi’s and tri’s
  • Where are the biceps and triceps and how they are worked
  • Specific exercises to target these muscles
  • Why lifting light weights for high reps won’t get you the arms you want
  • How to keep your upper body workout interesting and FUN



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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting or changing an exercise or nutrition program

Fab Friday – Best Upper Body Workout Move

My Fave New Move – Commando Pushups


Hey Chicks!

I recently learned this sweet move from a fierce chick named Dawn and thought it would be wrong of me not to pass it along.

There are tons of different push up variations – but this is the ultimate in the push world in my opinion – Commando push ups!

commando push ups
strong Chicks do push-ups!

How to do a Commando Push-up:


  1. Start off on your belly hands by your shoulders.
  2. Push yourself up in one motion to a plank position
  3. Lower yourself back down to your belly (slowly, no flopping lol)
  4. Extend your arms forward and roll all the way over to your right until you are back on your belly.
  5. Repeat the same reverse push up as above then roll back to the starting point

If you need a visual, here’s a link to a video – we just do them without the knees!

Alright now chicks drop down and give me 100 😉 And remember to always stretch your upper body afterwards!

What’s your fave upper body move?


Have a FAB weekend!

Amanda xo