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What Is The Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program?

This is a complete and thorough professional 12 week certification program in fitness and nutrition that offers practical, applicable (aka you will actually use this in REAL life!) fitness instruction and personal training skills, program development, nutrition & lifestyle coaching and business building applications. It also provides into deeper understanding and strategies on how to effectively motivate and change people’s lifestyles to build healthier communities everywhere. This program is created to enhance prior professional fitness and nutrition training or to serve as your introduction to this awesome field.

What Makes The Fitness And Nutrition Expert Different Than Other Classes?

The Fitness & Nutrition Expert program is the only certification course of its kind in the industry! This is not just a fitness or nutrition course; it is a total body, life changing journey. What makes its truly unique and different is it focuses on ALL aspects of health. You will have the edge on all trainers in the industry as you can counsel on fitness, nutrition & wellness AND will have the skills to market & build a successful business (aka more clients!). You are not just going to learn the info in class but you are going APPLY and practice what we cover – leaving this course with the skills, experience confidence to be a leading fitness rock star!

Don’t teach fitness or want to? This program is still for you! With a focus on total mind and body fitness, nutrition and wellness, the personal transformation – inside & out – will amaze you

What Can Potential Careers Could I Use This Certification Towards?

Potential careers include:
Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Nutrition & Wellness Coach
Recipe Developer
Health Writer
Fitness Business Owner
Gym Manager
Children’s Activity Coordinator
Fitness and wellness retreat leader

Please note that each establishment may have its own hiring criteria / certification needs. Please confirm with that location

What Certification Do I Receive?

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will receive:

1. Title of Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert (FNE) by FIT CHICKS
2. Certificate of completion
3. The Fitness & Nutrition expert certification seal to your materials to show the world your professional skills.

Is This Course Recognized By Can Fit Pro?

The Fitness & Nutrition Expert certification is internationally accredited by Can Fit Pro! What does that mean? Upon completion of this certification, you have received an in depth training to also be eligible to receive your Fitness Instructor Specialist with Can Fit Pro!

To receive accreditation by Can Fit Pro, graduates must complete the Certification Accreditation Request Form with Can Fit Pro.

I Am Already A Certified Trainer Or Group Fitness Instructor, What New Information Should I Expect To Learn?

Awesome news that you already have your certification. That being said, the FNE program offers a unique approach to learning about not only one area of fitness i.e. Personal Training but you will also get group fitness knowledge, nutrition, wellness tips and insight and the Business of operating a fitness or nutrition company. Most courses out there offer one specific targeted area of expertise that is why we are offering this 12 week online program to encompass all areas so you become a well-rounded expert and have more offerings for your clients and your own health.

I Have Never Taken Any Fitness And Or Nutrition Courses, Is This Program Right For Me?

Yes, most definitely. The Fitness and Nutrition Expert program is right for anyone interested in entering the field or furthering their knowledge of health, wellness, nutrition or fitness. This program is for all levels and covers everything from the basic principles of training to the expert knowledge of dealing with injury prevention. With all the tools provided, each participant will feel supported and will be working on the same projects at the same time to keep it a balanced level playing field.

I Work Full Time And Have A Very Hectic Schedule, Will This Program Be Too Much For Me To Handle?

Majority of the participants in our programs have full time jobs, kids and unique situations yet still manage to plan accordingly to get all online hours and assignments completed. All online courses are interactive but are also recorded and will be live  post class date. This also for reference or for in the event you are unable to make a live class. Please keep in mind however this program is a 12 week intensive course and meant for people who want to be serious about their own health and or their goals in becoming a Fitness and Nutrition Expert. We do maintain a strict schedule for assignment deadlines which will be provided on the first day of class.

I Am Simply Wanting To Further My Own Knowledge Of Fitness And Nutrition but not get certified, is there an option for that?

Yes, for sure! If you want to learn or expand your knowledge in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business but not get certified, we have the option to take the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Education Program. You will get access to all live FNE virtual classes, course materials and community minus having to do the assignments, exams and practical hours required. Plus, you will receive a record of completion to show you have completed this education program.

Please note the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Education Program is for learning purposes only and graduates will not be eligible for certification, accreditation with Can Fit Pro or insurance under FIT CHICKS Academy. For full certification, please register for the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program.

When Does Registration Open?

Registration is now open for our Sept 2016 online program.

You can register for the program here. To inquire about registration in the Fall program, please email

When Does Registration For This Program Close?

Registration for the online program closes as of Sept 20, 2016.

How Often Does This Program Run Per Year?

The Fitness and Nutrition Expert program will run twice per year:

Fall Program: Sept – Dec 2016

Winter Program: Jan – March 2017

If I Miss The Start Date Can I Still Register Late And Catch Up On The Work And Courses?

Yes, as long as you have not missed more than 2 in class sessions we can accommodate you and help you get caught up.

What Is The Cost Of The Program?

The cost of the 12 week Fitness and Nutrition Expert program is $1,699.00 plus HST before Sept 23rd. This includes all online classes, course materials, co-op placement (if applicable)and ongoing support.  The full price of the program is $1999 after Sept 23, 2016. Please note students are responsible for their own books and videos as per the required readings and viewings list.

Do You Have An Early Bird Rate?

For rates for the September program, please email

Do You Offer Group Rates?

Yes, we can offer group rates for groups of 5 or more chicks registering for the program. Please contact for more info and pricing details.

Do You Offer This Program As A Corporate Program For Our Organization?

Yes, we can certainly administer a private program for you and your company. Please contact for more info and pricing details.

I Want To Do The Program With A Friend. Can We Register Together?

The Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program is an individual program in that each participant must register on their own to participate and access all information and classes.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we can offer payment plans. Please connect with for more info and details around the different options.

What Type Of Payments Options Do You Accept?

We accept payment via Major Credit Cards, Interact E Transfer, Cheque and Cash. Should you wish to make payment via Interact E transfer, Cheque or Cash please contact to arrange details.

What Is Your Refund Policy Should I Have To Cancel My Registration?

Our policy in place is that the $500 deposit is non-refundable. Requests for refunds received by FIT CHICKS more than seven days before the start date of the program in which I am enrolled will be honoured, subject to satisfactory proof of payment minus the non-refundable deposit of $500. No refund after seven days before the start date of the program in which you are enrolled, but I shall receive a credit for any unused portion of that program towards a future FIT CHICKS program.

How Long Is The Program? How Is It Broken Down?

The Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program is a 12 week training course that is an intensive, interactive online courses. The hours are broken down into 4 sections – fitness, nutrition, wellness and business – that are learned through a combination of online classes, at home assignments /study and practical teaching component in your community.

What Is The Actual Schedule Like, In Terms Of Days, Nights And Weekends?

*To view the full a sample of the class schedule dates & times from the Sept 2016, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD*

Next program begins September 2016.

How Are The Classes Held?

The classes will be held live via a private online platform. This enables students to listen live and interact with their instructor. All lectures / classes will be recorded and live following the air date for reference under a private members site. Log in details will be sent prior to first class.

Will The Online Classes And Workshops Be Recorded For Future Use Or To Viewing At A Later Date?

Yes, they will all be recorded for future use and viewing. However, please keep in mind that all online streamed courses are to be treated by participants the same way as the in person portions so live attendance is highly recommended.

What Happens If I Have To Miss A Class Or Two?

Regardless of the missed online portion all assignments are required to be on time. You will have received your course outline at the beginning of the program which highlights due dates that are to be honored.

Is This Program For Women Only?

Yes, currently we are operating the Fitness and Nutrition Expert program for women only. The reason being is not because we do not like roosters but because women and men train very differently. They also generally have different unique goals in place when it comes to training and results. Also, we are women who have developed and run a women’s only company, brand and fitness program since 2008 so the knowledge base is very supportive of women and fitness.

What Type Of Support Can I Expect During This Program?

We will be with you every step of the way! Your trainers are there for you in class, through your online sessions and as your personal coaches throughout the course. We will provide feedback on all assignments and will be available to schedule time for follow up / questions. We want you to leave this program feeling confident, excited and bursting with Fitness and Nutrition knowledge so we will be sure to give you everything we got, as long as you do the same.

Are Your Trainers Certified And What Is Their Background?

Yes, all trainers who teach the course materials are certified trainers, nutrition experts and corporate business owners who have the experience and knowledge to lead you to expert level status.

Can I Access All The Course Materials At Once?

Upon commencement of the program, you will receive a full outline of the course and assignments. This will give you some perspective and you can work ahead however the actual course materials will be issued on a weekly basis.

How Will I Access My Course Materials Once I Am Registered?

Course materials will be posted on the Members site and will be accessible on the first day of class. Some course materials will be posted on the Members Section class and all online course materials and interactive workshop materials and passwords will be posted in advance of the course start dates.

I Have Injuries; Will I Still Be Able To Participate In The Fitness Portions Of The Program?

Yes, of course. Like all of our programs we offer modifications and levels for each portion of our fitness programming. We will also be covering the area of working with injuries and modifications extensively in the program so you will gain further knowledge as well for self-directed movements. Once you have registered for the program, please contact to notify her of your injuries.

I Want To Register For Just Portions Of The Fitness And Nutrition Expert Program, Is This Possible?

Currently we are not offering an “a la carte” option however we may open up some areas in the future as individual workshops. Should you have a personal interest in one or some of the specific courses and topics please contact directly to discuss options.

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