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Laura Jackson



Starting her professional career in business, Laura worked internationally as the National Marketing Manager for Hilton Hotels Canada, representing 62 hotels and successfully launching and executing million dollar campaigns including Tourism Canada, National Rental Car, American Express and a global partnership with Air Miles. After 5 years of awesome experience, Laura swapped her suit for sweats and headed out to follow her true calling: to spread the healthy love!

Having overcome her own weight and extreme body image struggles, Laura brings 20 years of true passion & personal experience to her teaching. Her rock star approach combines humour, fierceness, fun and a vast range of business and health knowledge and certifications including:

• Business Administration – Marketing (Honors)
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Jun e 2016)
• Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor
• Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
• Culinary Nutrition Expert
IDFA Fitness Competitor
• TV Host of “Shape Up with FITCHICKS” on Rogers TV
• Fitness & Healthy Contributor: Including CTV Morning,
Breakfast Television, Calgary Herald,CBC “The National”,
Toronto Star, The Huffington Post & much more

Laura’s passion truly lies in helping women realize their full potential in all aspects of their life through healthy living. Never one to stop challenging herself, her most recent
accomplishments include stepping on stage as a 2014 IDFA Fitness Competitor and gaining the title as Top 3 Fitness Professional of 2015 by CanFIT Pro.




In Laura’s words:

Someone asked me once what makes me different than other trainers? Because I have lived it! I know what it’s like to be on both extreme ends of fitness (and a million places in between!). I have struggled with my weight, hitting almost 200lbs, smoking, drinking and battling bulimia for close to 15 years to training like a maniac and entering in a fitness model competition. While the road has been rocky at times, my fitness journey has given me an amazing learning ground personally and professionally to develop the most fierce, fun and REALprograms for my chicks.

I want all women to realize how truly amazing, strong and fierce they are and the power they hold to make a true impact in this world. What is our goal? To create an amazing “chick army” of female health leaders to spread that healthy love across the world…and I know we can!!”

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