MOTIVATION MONDAY – Be a rockstar cheerleader!

Hey Chicks!

Have you ever really paid attention to your thoughts and how they truly affect your day to day? Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this and how important it is to be the ruler of your own brain and to not let your head get in the way of what you want in life.

See, there are times when you might think to yourself say, in Bootcamp class “like, there is no way I can do that!” or maybe while doing the Shape Up with FIT CHICKS on Rogers TV workouts catch yourself going to the level 1 instead of level 2 not because your body says so but because your noggin is saying to go easy and that you are not that strong.

Surround yourself with cheerleaders!

What you need to do is break free from that cycle of negative self-talk and get into a habit of being your own rockstar cheerleader!!

You need to be saying to yourself things like:

  • “I am so freakin awesome it should be illegal”
  • “Wow, like I can’t even believe how tough I am, 4 push ups on my toes = hulk-o-rama”
  • “I am exactly where I need to be in my life and that rules”

Life is what you make of it chicks and so is your daily experience so want not make it rock! There are so many peeps in this world that are known to be legendary for things that they have done, achieved or said so why not be your own leader and legend and make your thoughts have a lasting impression on your own awesomeness!

Here are a few of my favorite peeps who have made what they think and say be legend enough to be captured in a moment. Read them and then create your own statement, your head and total being will stoked you did!

Three Cheers for you chicks!!
Amanda xo

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