32lbs down & a whole new fab lifestyle! Sam’s fitness and weight loss journey


We have just finished our first fitness retreat (and it rocked!), had a week off bootcamp and Zumba and are gearing up for our special 6 week “Countdown to Xmas” Bootcamp that starts Nov 5th (make sure to sign up!!) Let’s kick off a new month by celebrating an awesome weightloss and fitness success story from  one of our Ontario chicks, Sam from our Toronto Danforth Bootcamp



Sam before weight loss success story
BEFORE: The fierce Sam (rocking a FIT CHICKS T-shirt of course


Sam is a true inspiration to all chicks.  She took on livin la vida FIT CHICK with one of the most positive attitudes and commitment that we have ever seen! Always smiling, supporting other chicks and working out to her 9 out of 10 at every class, Sam has lost an awesome 32lbs and 6.5 inches off her waist,  changed her body, her diet and most important her health for the long haul (livin la vida FIT CHICK does a body good!)

sam weightloss success story
JUNE 2012: Approx 20 lbs down

Now let’s let Sam take it away and share with you her story….way to go chick!

AFTER: A fitter, fiercer, even more fab Sam (and love her silly faces!)

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS

I needed a push to get back on track both times around! Initially, I joined for a couple months because a friend wanted someone to go with. Then I took a month break for the end of summer and in November I joined back up. I needed to make a lifestyle change.

2. How did FIT CHICKS help you in reaching your goals? What have your results been like since joining bootcamp?

By making me a fit chick, of course! Seriously, my strength and endurance have definitely improved. Balance and flexibility I’m still working on. I’ve always been a klutz. They’re definitely getting better though.

I remember when I first joined I couldn’t even do ONE leg raise on the machine at my gym, a year ago I realized I could do two, and now I can do 15 straight (then take a break and do more). And I can finally do some regular push-ups!

My Chick Sergeant Laura, and the many fab subs, always give workouts that pushes me to do my best. Its a great feeling when you beat your own record– whether its time, reps, the amount of weight you used. Its all fantastic.

I recorded weekly in my book or on my phone the changes in my body to keep me on track. My starting waist measurement when I cam back in Nov was 40.5 (darn sweet tooth!) but I started weekly recording in Jan.  Here is a little peek of where I started to where I am now:


JAN 2012
Weight- 172.6
Arms – 11.5/11.5
Chest- 40
Waist- 38.75
Butt/Hips- 42.25
Thighs- 24.5/24.5


November 2012
Weight- approx 141 with shoes/ 140 without
Arms-  10/10.5
Chest- 36-36.25
Waist- 34
Hips – 37.5

3. What is your fave FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercises do you love to hate?

Personally, I love…to hate Tabatas. Always a great workout. Also, “54321” and “The Dirty Thirty” are great too! But definitely tabatas, if I miss a class and I find out it was tabatas, I’m always a little bummed after:)  Burpees, suicides, and exercises like pop-outs or frog jumps that just burns the legs. Love it, but hate it at the same time!

4. What would be your advice to a chick looking to change her health but is too scared?

Don’t be scared, I know making a health change can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to get used to. But believe in yourself and know that you’ll feel better when you do! Also, don’t be afraid to eat and as FC promotes, try to eat foods made with love! You will feel so much better internally and physically.

Its a lifestyle change, and not a quick-fix. Do the best when you can, treat yourself, and when you have a bad day remind yourself that the day is not over to make improvements! Remember to be consistent!

5. In terms of nutrition, what changes did you make? What helped you keep on track?

I’ve made quite a few changes along the way. Its a journey. Personally, I’m not impartial to gluten but I do try to avoid it and opt for grains like brown rice or quinoa…or if I’m baking nut meal or coconut flour. Foods that you make with love will be your besties. If you have a sweet tooth, I would opt for fruit and greek yogurt…maybe with some protein pancakes. If you like chips, make your own! There’s beet, zucchini, parsnip, kale, and sweet potato chips you can try making.

Personally, I try to eat paleo when I can and if you google you’ll find that there’s alot of creative (and delicious recipes!). Also listen to your body!

5. Why would you recommend FIT CHICKS bootcamp to a girlfriend?

Of course! I’ve even brought my mom and my bestie to class. It was awesome:)

sam after eight loss success story
Sam lovin’ livin’ la vida FIT CHICK..and spreading it to all around her!

Sam, we are beyond proud of you and your hard work…it is so inspiring to all chicks that starting (or already started!) living la vida FIT CHICK that they can do it too. Thanks for allowing us to help along your journey, sharing your story with us and keep up the fabulous work!

Make today fabulous xo


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