WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: The easiest way to roast a pumpkin (even we could do it!)

Hey chicks,

Happy Wednesday!

So after my post last week about my delicious pumpkin pie smoothie, I was a little bummed that it included canned pumpkin 🙁 At FIT CHICKS our nutrition philosophy is to always strive to eat unpackaged, inprocessed foods made with LOVE and while I would like to think that the makers of canned pumpkin love me, I am a little skeptical:)

So this week, I put my research cap on and found out how to roast my own pumpkin from one of my fave blogs called Elana’s pantry (how Martha Stewart of me!)

pie pumpkin for green smoothie
Just a baby! So cute:)


Not only does it taste 1000% more delicious with a sweet, buttery flavour but it was way cheaper and I got a sense of pride as not only I didn’t burn it but now I new exactly how it was made – yipee! Plus I saved the seeds and roasted with sea salt for a snack later (my mom used to do this when we were kids and I forgot how much I loved it!)

roasted pumpkin for green smoothies
This even makes your house smeel yummy!



1. Choose a firm, small pie pumpkin (around 2lbs).   The smaller ones are better for eating so leave the big bad boys for carving!

2. Rinse the pumpkin under warm water, removing any dirt or debris

3. Cut the pumpkin in half on a large cutting board, with a sharp knife

4. Scoop out the seeds and guts with a spoon,

5. Lay the pumpkin face side down in a large baking dish.  Cover with ¼ inch water

6. Bake at 350° for 45-60 minutes (depending on size) or until tender, using a fork to check

7. Remove from oven and scoop out insides, discarding skin

8. Store in refrigerator in a glass mason jar . Keeps for 5 days in refrigerator (and perfect to add to your Power Pumpkin Smoothie!) or you can freeze for later use.

I promise once you try roasting your own, you won’t go back!  Now I am off to get my sweat on to EPISODE 6 of Shape Up with FIT CHICKS on Rogers TV .  It is Amanda teaching a Surfer Chick Style Bootcamp and it is such a killer workout. If you missed any episodes, you can watch all online too:)

Have a fabulous day!

Your Head Chick Laura

PS.  Our Countdown to Xmas Special 6 week Bootcamp is now posted online.  Starts Nov 5th so come get your sweat on!

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