FITNESS FRIDAY: It’s the “Can you hold a hot potato?” Challenge

Hey Chicks,

It’s Friday and we know what that means… Challenge time!

This challenge is inspired by total body movements that add some simple equipment to really challenge your bod and keep you from plateauing Plus it makes it super fun!

Here is the workout:

1. 3 min warm up – Alternate between jogging in place, arm circles and half squats

2. 25 jumping jacks

3.  1 min  Hot Potato Burpees exercises (see video below)

4. 25 jumping jacks

5. 1 min of  Fab abs with weights

6. 25 jumping jacks

6.  1 min of walking pushups

Do all exercises and repeat 3 times for a kick booty workout!

And if you want to challenge yourself even more, you can also add in Episode 6 of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” Surfer Style Bootcamp which is airing this week on Rogers TV (this is one of our FAVES!)

Any questions, let us know or stop by the Toronto National Women Show this weekend and ask…we are at booth 1324:)

Have a fab weekend!

Your head chick, Laura xo

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