FITNESS FRIDAY: Bye Bye Turkey Arms!

Hey Chicks,

We are about to kick off Thanksgiving weekend and we thought what better way to kick it off than with a little fitness challenge to keep you on the right track (just because it’s a holiday weekend does not mean it gives you a free pass to stuff yourself and stop you workouts chicks- you can do this!)

This challenge is inspired by a Thanksgiving theme and this week’s episode of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” Bootcamp – Powerful Plyos (aka jump training) on Rogers TV. We are going to focus the strength section on getting rid of those terrifying turkey arms (aka not so strong triceps) and the cardio on fat blasting plyo moves…of it’s gonna be a good one!

Here is the workout:

1. 3 min warm up – Alternate between jogging in place, arm circles and half squats

2. 20 jump squats

3.  1 min Wind Shield Wiper Tricep exercises (see video below)

4. 20 jump squats

5. 1 min of Tricep Kick Backs

6. 20 jump squats

6.  1 min of reverse push ups


Try this fierce fitness challenge before your turkey dinner and even get your family involved (who needs yatzee when you can do a group FIT CHICK Challenge..just sayin!)


Laura, your Head Chick


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