WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – Hiking does a body good!

Hey Chicks,

We have just kicked off our Sept bootcamp sessions and I feel like I blinked and the summer has come and gone (even though it is still about 30 degrees in Toronto!).

It has been an action packed with weddings (congrats Nadine & Brooks), concerts (I just saw Florence & the Machine, Blue Rodeo, Kelly Clarkson & Roxette – quite the mix I know!), filming our upcoming TV series “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” (which begins airing next Tuesday on Sept 11!), planning our upcoming fitness retreat at Horseshoe Valley (more details coming very soon!) and of course..travelling!

fit chicks jasper alberta
So many fabulous routes to choose from in Jasper Alberta!

I finished off this amazing summer by do one of my favorite things in one of my favorite places:  hiking in the Canadian Rockies!

Maligne Canyon fit chicks
Or instead of mountain, you can always take on a canyon!


Now if you can’t access the mountains of the Canadian Rockies, you can still take your hikes to a whole different workout level!  Try these chick tips to shake them up chick style and get an even better workout in!

fit chicks jasper
Hiking the Sulpher Skyline in Jasper National Park

1.    Interval hiking:

We always do  high intensity intervals in our bootcamps so why not take it on the trails?!  Try walking for 2 min then power hiking or trail running for 30- 1 min,  Complete 7 times for a high intensity interval cardio workout on the trail!

2.    Trail toning:

The great outdoors is Canada’s gym!  There are so many elements you can incorporate in like step ups on rocks, lunges up  or down hill, or using a tree for a wall sit.  Write down 3 exercises before you hit your next trail and add them to your hike to get your strength training in too.

3.    Time it!

If you have a trail or hike you do regularly, time how long it takes you to reach the end. Next time try to beat your time.  It will pump you up to move faster and gives you a measurable to see your improvement.

4. Wear a pedometer and / or heart rate monitor.

One reason we love hiking is there is no equipment necessary.  All you need is 2 feet and a heartbeat so it is a cheap way to get a killer workout in but a great way to make sure you are always challenging yourself is to use a pedometer to measure steps and a heart rate monitor so you can see your calorie burn…when we did Oxfam Trailwalker I clocked in 156 000 steps on my peddy!). Just another great measurable to help you get even more fit & fierce!

fit chicks jasper alberta
Most important to look fierce while hiking..who doesn't want to wear a wolf hat?!

So chicks now that fall is almost here, find somewhere you love to explore with someone you love spend time (or one your own but wear a bear bell!) and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Have a fab day,

Your Head Chick Laura


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