FITNESS FRIDAY: Boxing Babe Superstar? Yes you are!

Hey Chicks!

What do you get when you combine jumping jacks, jumping rope, punches and kicks for 20 minutes?

Besides fierce, you get an amazing Boxing Inspired workout guaranteed to have you sweating and shredding your body in no time!

For FITNESS FRIDAY here is a workout inspired by episode 2 of our “Shape up with FIT CHICKS” Boxing Babes Bootcamp airing this past week on Rogers TV (which if you are a Rogers customer you can now watch online from anywhere!). We will be showing you how we get ready to rock in the ring, chick style!

Before you get started watch the video below of Superstar Planks to build your core muscles because the power for your punches just like everything else comes from your core so let’s get it rock solid!
The Workout is simple, do the following moves each for one minute with no to little rest (30 seconds max) in between, repeat the circuit 3 times for a total of 4 rounds and you are ready to rumble!

The Workout: one minute for each move:

1.    Jump Rope – grab your weights and use them as your jump rope for an extra burn to your biceps

2.    Jab, cross punch combo – jab with your right and cross punch (follow through with a jab across your body with the back hand) with your left – try it with weights for that extra shoulder burn. Remember each time you repeat the circuit to switch the lead hand.

3.    Jumping Jacks – use your weights for that extra burn but be sure your arms do not go past shoulder height to keep your rotator cuff safe!

4.    Jump rope – this time keep feet super close and jump side to side to work your oblique’s into the mix (side abs that smooth out the “muffin top”)

5.    Superstar planks – alternate sides each round

Now chicks remember to push hard because in HIIT training you always have to be at your 9 out of 10 and of course in the ring you always have to bring you’re A-Game so get fierce and work it out!

Your Head Chick, Amanda xo

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