FITNESS FRIDAY: The ” Summer is NOT over!” Workout

Hey Chicks!

So summer time might be coming to a close but not for this chick….well, at least not in kitchen or in my workouts.

In my kitchen I can’t stop making fruit salad and with my workouts I can’t stop thinking about the beach and summer time fun time! To inspire you, here is a super sweet “Summer Fun Inspired” HIIT Workout designed for you to keep the sun shining a little longer, even if it is just in our heads and hearts.  Ooh, super bonus to all y’all this is a quick preview of what’s to come with “Shape Up With FIT CHICKS” on Rogers TV show! OK so ready to get sweating – here is what you need to do:



1. Watch the video below for our Starfish Burpee Exercise

2. Clear some space inside your pad or outdoors, find your own zone to get ready to work

3. Complete all of the moves below for 45 seconds each with 15 second rest between

4. Repeat circuit 3 times total for a serious fat burning workout


Warm up for 5 minutes before the workout with dynamic (movement) stretches to get the blood flowing and heart pumping before starting the following circuit:

1. Starfish Burpees– just like in the video 🙂

2. Volley Ball Spike – run forward 3 steps and then jump as high as you can spiking the ball over your net and shuffle back to start position

3. Ocean Swimmers – lay on your belly, arms and legs fully extended and now raise arms and legs (opposite) as fast as you can

4. Clam Move this one is for your booty – lay on your side, legs at a 45 degree and open top knee up towards sky and then back down to almost touch other knee

5. Beach Sprints – (OK so I threw in the word Beach for fun) this is simply a 45 second sprint as fast as your legs will take you. If you are indoors – no problem run in place knees high.

Remember chicks that you need to complete this circuit 3 times total for a super high intensity workout!

Have a FAB weekend chicks! Amanda xo

PS If you loved this workout be sure to tune in for more fun with our Shape Up With FIT CHICKS on Rogers TV – the show starts airing as of Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30am and 4:30pm– yes that really is next week!! Watch below…yippee!

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