FITNESS FRIDAY- Have you ever hear of a wall climber?

Hey Chicks!

Today’s Fitness Friday challenge is all about switching up your old Mountain Climbers and making them a little more shall we say, daring!

The video below is a Chick wall Climber – we are simply taking your regular mountain climber and flipping it, almost literally upside down.

All you need is some wall space and guts and you can make this one happen. So, watch the video below and this weekend I want you to try and incorporate this 3 times in each day for one minute each. (Remember to watch the whole video so you can see some great levels and options.)

Have a FAB weekend!
Amanda xo

PS And if you want a full bootcamp workout make sure to check out our new TV series of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” Bootcamp on Rogers TV! Next week’s episode is “Boxing Babes” bootcamp and we are gonna train like boxers without having to step into the ring. This is a total body toning high intensity interval workout that includes everything from jumping rope, punching combos to kick boxing just like the pros do as they prep for a fight. It is fun and FIERCE so make sure to tune in 🙂

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