MOTIVATION MONDAY – How we survive is what makes us who we are

Hey Chicks!
As most of you might already know by past blog posts, music is one of my all-time favorite things in this life – like I love music more than almost anything else because it really lifts me up and inspires me to my core. The words, the notes and the composition I just love all aspects.

rise against

One of my all-time favorite bands is this group called Rise Against. While they may not be every chick’s fave as they are a little “heavy”, they are a band that has really motivated me in many ways. They inspire me with their words by practicing what they preach, always standing for something and standing strong against anything that threatens this right or belief and are activist in their community as well as around the world for human rights and values.

Me with Tim, the lead singer of Rise Against...i was freaking out!

One of my favorite songs states “How we survive is what makes us who we are” and this to me is one of the most powerful statements I know.

Life is tough chicks; I mean we all have our own struggles, our own sorrow and our own story but it is how you look at those things in life that will change your life. Think about things as coming into your life for a reason or teach a valuable lesson that maybe only you were to know in this life as opposed to thinking of something as a burden or obstacle. Life truly is about seeing how everything fits into your life, the good the bad and the ugly and then understanding why it truly came into your life. At times these reasons are not as transparent as they might seem so really take some time and think about the true reason for each aspect and obstacle. We are all strong in our own way and unique we just have to understand our potential and our struggles.

(There are some not so PG 13 words in this song so just please be forewarned:)

Easier said than done, I know this but just try it every now and then. Try to really think about the person you are and why you have become this amazing person. It is not just genetics, it truly is because of your unique life that you have become this amazing and inspiring you.

Thank you for being so inspiring chicks and stay awesome,
Amanda xo

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