Celebrating Natasha: Our fierce Toronto High Park Chick Sergeant!

Hey Chicks

We wanted to take this time to celebrate an awesome and valuable member of the FIT CHICKS family who has just reached a kick butt milestone…1 year of teaching bootcamp with us and helping chicks reach their fab fitness goals!

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Tree chin ups anyone?

Natasha is our Chick Sergeant at the Toronto High Park bootcamp location and she has been kicking chicks butt since June 2011. Her story is fierce.  Starting her journey as one of our chicks in Bootcamp (and was even our Chick of the Month in March 2010 going from a size 10 to size 4!),  Natasha got inspired to pass on that healthy love to other chicks by getting certified as trainer.  With her fierce passion, enthusiasm, drive and commitment (and she is living proof that health and fitness can change your life) ,  we welcomed Natasha with open wings to our FIT CHICK Family! We love her, her chicks love her (check out Debbie, our August Chick of the Month’s transformation from working out with Natasha!) and you will love her too!

We are so proud of her dedication, passion and hard work she puts into her chicks and her camp each & everyday and wanted to take a moment to give her a huge shout and celebrate her hard work.  We could tell you but thought it would be more fun for Natasha to tell you herself:)

So here is Natasha to share a few things about her and what she loves about bootcamp, teaching and living la vida FIT CHICK...take it away chick!

What is your favorite exercise/workout in bootcamp that you love to teach and gets your chicks the best results?

My favorite workout in bootcamp is tabatas (it is a high intensity interval method of 20 sec high intensity / 10 sec recovery.  Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 min each round).  My fave exercise for tabatas are jump lunges to burn out the booty.   I also like going old school with the Jane Fonda fire hydrant booty lift that you do on all fours as I love anything that works my booty to look fit, fab & fierce in my skinny jeans!

What motivates you to be a fitness bootcamp instructor (and a fitness professional in general)?

What get me pumped to be a bootcamp fitness instructor is when my chicks start seeing results that they have worked for and say, “Thanks for motivating me and keeping me on track.”  This is when I can tell FIT CHICKS has been an inspiration and chicks actually start to look forward to getting sweaty with us!!!

Music is so great to get us pumped and make working out fun!  So let us know, what is on your playlist?

Dance Music from the 90s!!! Some of my fave jams include:

1.  Rhythm Is a Dancer – Snap
2.  Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
3.  The Power – Snap
4.  Wannabe – Spice Girls
5.  Man! I feel like a Woman – Shania Twain

Thanks for sharing Natasha and we love having you as a part of our FIT CHICK Family – you rock chick!

If you wanna sweat up a storm with Natasha, our next session starts on Sept 4th so sign up now…she will give you some great tough love, we promise 😉


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