22lbs & 15 inches lost: Leanne’s post baby fitness & weight loss success story


August has come to an end and we are gearing up for a new fierce, fit, fun outdoor bootcamp on Sept 4th – yay! What better way to kick off a new month than by sharing the amazing fitness journey of one of our Ontario chicks, Leanne from our Brampton Bootcamp.


before pic fitness and weight loss results
BEFORE: Leanne celebrating St Paddys 🙂

After having a beautiful baby boy,  Leanne has used fitness to not only get her pre baby body back and retire the maternity pants but to set a fierce and healthy example for her family. Check out Leanne’s story below to see how she is living  (and loving!) la vida FIT CHICK!).
fitness and weightloss success story fit chicks
AFTER: The fierce Leanne with her gorgeous wee one..so cute!

1.    What made you decide to join a bootcamp program?

I joined Fit Chicks this time because I had gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant and it just wasn’t coming off.   Since I had tried Fit Chicks once before with a friend, I knew that I would get results if I joined again.  Also, I really wanted to be able to get back into my regular pants so that I wouldn’t have to still wear maternity pants when I went back to work.

2. How has living la vida FIT CHICKS helped you in reaching your goals?

It has really helped me reach my goals by making sure that I put aside time every week to work out. Also, I found that the workouts were really challenging, but they also allowed me to work at my level so that I could always participate no matter how tired I was getting or how out of shape I was. The encouragement, and enthusiasm, from my Chick Sergeant Christina to keep going and push harder helped a lot too.

3. What is your fave signature FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercises do you love to hate?

My favourite workout is the “Burn Baby Burn” workout that we did in May.  I found that it was tough, but gave amazing results.  I love to hate squat jumps. They’re tiring and they make your muscles burn, but they really get results.

4. What have your results been like since starting sweating up a storm “chick style”?

Since I joined bootcamp in May I have had pretty consistent results.  Altogether I have lost 22 pounds so far.  I have also lost 3 inches off my chest, 1 inch off my arms, 6 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my butt, and 2 inches off of my thighs.  Even though I’m still not at my pre-baby weight yet, my body looks better than it did before because I have more muscle tone now. I am happy to say that I can now squeeze into my jeans again so I can put the maternity pants away as well.  I have more energy now, find it easier to get up and down on the floor when I’m playing with my son, and just feel better about myself in general.  I’m very happy with my results.

5. In your own words, how would you describe your bootcamp?

It’s tough, but the support you get from the other chicks helps you to keep going and stick with it.  Fit Chicks also allows you to work at your own level so that you can participate now matter how out of shape you are. I have found that it is a program that is not just about losing weight; it’s about having a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about your body!

Leanne, we are so proud of you and how you are setting such a healthy example for your family…it is so inspiring to all chicks that starting (or already started!) living la vida FIT CHICK that they can do it too (even with wee chicklets and roosters) Thanks for allowing us to help along your journey, sharing your story with us and keep up the fabulous work!


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