WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: The Head Chicks were on the TV Game Show – “Cash Cab”!

Hey Chicks,

So today’s post is a little combo of an update and a little bit of wellness advice all wrapped up into one!

First of all if you know Amanda and I, you would know that the most random, crazy things happen to us when we are together. Besties since Grade 9, building a business together and traveling the world, we are probably some of the most entertaining peeps to have at a dinner party just for the pure ridiculousness of some of the things that have happened to us along the way. Last Wednesday was no different…


We had a meeting which I was super tired, out of it and didn’t really want to go. But I changed out of workout gear, threw on some lipstick and tried to get in a positive mind set. On our way to a meeting along with one of our amazing friends Amber, we ended up having to switch locations. No biggie. We flagged down a taxi and got ready to head to destination 2. It was a van cab and since I was not dressed in sweats and didn’t want to be climbing all over, I tried to get in the front when the taxi driver wouldn’t even look at me and said “The seat belt is broken. You have to get in the back”.  Again no biggie.

I jump in the back with chicks and we let him know where we are headed when suddenly our whole taxi starts lighting up like Vegas (I was just there so I though I was still in Vegas Brain!). Amber and I are in shock and Amanda screamS “SHUT UP!!!! ARE WE ON CASH CAB?!?!” – it was priceless! Adam, the host of the show, turns around and is like why yes you are. We begin laughing hysterically just at the sheer randomness of the whole thing – it was hilarious. I have never been so shocked in my entire life and you will get to watch it all on tape:)

Of course, we played! And I know you may all be wondering did we win….well you have to wait to watch the episode in the fall which airs on the Discovery Channel (exact dates TBA but it is pretty hilarious!) to see what happens!

So what does wellness have to do with being on a TV Game Show? Because the moral of the story is to never say no to an opportunity because you never know what it will lead too! Had I let my grumpy pants talk me out of going out that night, I never would have gotten to be on the show. Like in the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey (which I just watched!) – if you open yourself up to all the things that make you uncomfortable and start saying “yes” without always going to the negative first, the most amazing things can happen 🙂

So stay tuned for more details and we will def post once we get the episode!

Make today fabulous!


PS Don’t forget next session starts July 30th and 31st…hope to see u there!

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