WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Coconut Banana Peach Pops

Hey Chicks,

It is super busy around The Coop today and hot as heck (please make sure Toronto / GTA chicks to take a peek at location changes /cancellations for tonight due to the extreme heat alert!)

coconut banana peach pop recipe
Ready to eat- yum!

That said, I am bringing back an oldie but a goodie recipe courtesy of my sister, Sarah – Coconut Banana Peach Popsicles! I made a batch today and have already eaten 2 just to try to cool down (i don’t have air conditioning)…I forgot how much I love these bad boys!

Check out her recipe for Coconut Banana Peach Popsicles

What is your favorite homemade popsicle recipe?

Have a fabulous (and cool!) day,

Your Head Chick, Laura

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