FITNESS FRIDAY: The Countdown Challenge – chick style!

Hey Chicks!

A lot of peeps always say that they find it tough to workout on their own or to motive themselves to get going especially on the weekend.

Another very common thing I hear is that peeps love to get moving but just don’t know where to begin – so here is the tool for you – our weekly weekend challenge! Do this simple but effective HIIT workout and get ready to shed some calories and feel fabulous, Chick style!

For the Challenge here is what I want you to do:

1. Watch the Pike Push ups video to make sure that you have the technique down to a science

2. Clear some space indoors or outside so that you have enough room to really get down with this workout!

3. Complete the workout below!

4. Love life and get on with the other things planned for the weekend!

WORKOUT: The Countdown Challenge- Chick Style!

This week’s challenge is all about counting down from ten! Do 10 reps of each move then 9 then 8 etc. all the way to 1


1. Pike Push Ups

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Squats

4. Sprawls – from standing jump back to plank and then back to your feet as quickly as you can that is one rep

5. Hip Taps – in plank position tap your hips side to side – left and then right counts as one rep

For fun try to time your workout and each day see if you can beat your time! Feel free to also post your finishing time here so we can celebrate your awesomeness!

Have a FAB weekend chicks and remember Saturday doesn’t have to be sabotage day!
Amanda xo

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