FITNESS FRIDAY: The 10 X 10 Fitness Challenge

Hey Chicks!

Weekend is here but that does not mean it is time to fall off of the workout bandwagon. So here is your weekly weekend challenge to keep you on track to reaching your goals!

For the Challenge here is what I want you to do:

1.    Watch the FIT CHICKS video to make sure that you have the technique down to a science for the 3 point burpee

2.    Clear some space indoors or outside so that you have enough room to really get down with this workout.

3.    The Workout is the FIT CHICKS “10 x 10 Workout” below.  It consists of:

10 Push Ups
10- 3 point Burpees – Watch video for these.  The 3 points counts a 1 round of burpees
Repeat three times

10 Squats
10 Jump Squats
Repeat three times

10 Reverse Lunges – stepping behind you into a lunge instead of forward
10 Front Kicks – as high as you can go – think chorus line styles
Repeat three times

10 Twisting Planks – in plank position bring your knee through to your opposite elbow – low impact do same move on your knees
10 Reverse Ab Crunches – on your back hands under booty lift your legs towards the ceiling and then lower as low as you can go
Repeat three times

For fun try to time your workout and each day see if you can beat your time. Feel free to also post your finishing time here so we can celebrate your awesomeness:)

Have a FAB weekend chicks and we’ll see ya next week for the last week of bootcamp (but don’t worry, the next one starts July 30th!)

Amanda xo

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