16lbs lost and a new healthy relationship with food: Celebrating Debbie’s fitness journey


We have been rocking through July and are gearing up for a new fierce, fit, fun outdoor bootcamp starting July 3Oth – yay! What better way to start the month than by sharing the amazing fitness journey of one of our Toronto chicks, Debbie from our Toronto High Park Bootcamp.

Before Weight loss success story
BEFORE: Meet Dazzling Debbie

After a long struggle with weight and losing over 75lbs twice in the last 10 years through diet alone, Debbie has used fitness to not only reshape her body and soul but found a new (and healthy!) relationship along the way with food that will last the long haul. Check out Debbie’s story below to see how she is living  (and loving!) la vida FIT CHICK!).

After pic- 75lb weight loss
AFTER: The fierce new Debbie - inside and out!

1.    What made you decide to join a bootcamp program?

The journey that brought me to Fit Chicks is a rather lengthy one as I have struggled with weight my entire life.

In 2006, I lost approximately 75 pounds.  It was the second time in a 10 year period that I lost a significant amount of weight.  Every time I have lost weight it has been primarily through dieting alone.   Last year I realized I was once again losing the fight and this time I knew I had to do something in conjunction with dieting.  I joined a gym and bought at-home exercise equipment and videos; however, I just found it hard to stay motivated and often just skipped working out.  I spoke to a friend and was encouraged to search until I found something I enjoyed doing so that exercise would not seem like a chore.   I did a lot of research and came across Fit Chicks.  I am so happy I did because it’s perfect for me!

2. How has living la vida FIT CHICKS helped you in reaching your goals?

My primary goal was to incorporate fitness into my life. That has been achieved in spades…  I actually do my best to plan my life around the classes as I truly dislike missing them.  I consider it “me” time!  I had no idea how much fitness could improve all aspects of my life – I really wish I knew this in my 20s! (I had heard rumours, but you know!!)

3. What is your fave signature FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercises do you love to hate?

I love “8 steps to fabulousness” – the time just whips by and it’s a great workout.  I really love to hate Tabatas – I know it’s an incredible workout, I just have not learned to truly love it yet!

4. What have your results been like since starting sweating up a storm “chick style”?

Since joining I have lost 16 pounds and 10 inches.  Overall, I feel strong, healthy, happy and self-confident.

However, the result that surprised me the most is that since joining I have observed a subconscious shift in my relationship with food.   I can’t quite articulate what this shift is, but for the first time in my life I don’t feel that I am on a diet, or depriving myself – I just eat healthy as I feel better when I do.

5. In your own words, how would you describe your bootcamp?

Our group at High Park is comprised of some amazing women led by our ever motivating, encouraging and fun Chick Sergeant Natasha.   It is for anyone of any fitness level, and quite frankly is just a great atmosphere.  Each class is different than the last and you know you’ve had a great full body workout at the end of each hour.  It’s wonderful!

Debbie, we are so proud of you and how you have fiercely taken control of your health…it is so inspiring to all chicks that starting (or already started!) living la vida FIT CHICK that they can do it too (and how fitness can really help you in all aspects of your life!) Thanks for allowing us to help along your journey, sharing your story with us and keep up the fabulous work!


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