Hey Chicks,

So you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter that we have some SUPER exciting news… so what is it? FIT CHICKS will host a TV Show on Rogers TV Toronto airing SEPT 2012!

Our filming set and awesome crew!

Let’s back track a little….when Amanda and I first started FIT CHICKS in Sept 2008, we started writing down the company we wanted to be and what we wanted to bring to world.

1.  We created a mission to help all women worldwide to uncover their inner FIT CHICK (because no matter what age, race, ability or fitness level every woman has one!)

2. We wanted to be FIT CHICKS to be a company that educates, motivates and inspires women through the world’s most fab, fun fitness, health and wellness programs & offerings.

From there, we sat down and wrote out all of our “pie in the sky” goals of how we wanted to do that.  Number 3 on “THE LIST” was “Have a TV show or series to spread the FC love” with a bit more detail.

Now fast forward to April 2012. While in Mexico for one of BFF’S wedding, I got an email from an amazing chick I know (and sweated up a storm with!) which gave me one of those twilight zone moments.  Basically, her email was proposing the idea of doing a fitness / health / wellness show and wanting FIT CHICKS to host it that read almost exactly as what we had written on out goals list! Amanda and I had extra sangria in Mexico that night:)

So now the details...Over the next month, we will be filming 24 fitness episodes that will be airing on Rogers TV Toronto starting in Sept 2012.  It will be broken down into 2 – 12 episodes series called “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. The first series is our FIT CHICKS Bootcamp (that means 12 episodes of our High Intensity Interval Bootcamps including our faves from our classes like tabatas, “Dirty 30” and one of my personal loves “Surfer Chick Style” workouts!).  The second series will be part of our FIT CHICKS “Fab & Focused” workouts that focus on training a specific body or exercise (these are some of my faves..Sassy Shoulders anyone?). The episodes are 30 min in length and will also include video “Chick Tips” to not only have you getting a killer workout, but also teaching you more about livin’ la vida FIT CHICK (and how you can bring that to your peeps to make them healthier too…we love to pay it forward:)

Both Head Chick Amanda and I will be sweating up a storm in each episode but you are also going to get to workout with some of our fierce, fab Chick Sergeants from all over Toronto and the GTA (we wish we could include them all!).  Even 3 episodes will include one of my personal inspirations of what hard work and dedication can do…  the amazing Jenn from my Toronto Danforth Bootcamp who lost over 100lbs!

So this blog post is dedicated to making our exciting announcement but also sending HUGE thank you and shouts to:

  1. Thinking big, setting goals and believing you can get there
  2. All our fab FIT CHICK Family who teach amazing classes and bring their healthy love everyday to their chicks
  3. Most of all, YOU!  For sweating with us, supporting us and allowing us to live our dreams and keep pushing toward helping other chicks live theirs too (insert warm fuzzies!)

We will keep y’all posted on how it goes throughout the month and air dates so if you are just starting on your fitness journey or have been sweating up a storm with us for awhile, you can uncover your inner FIT CHICK too!

UPDATE  SEPT 2012:  We are now airing – yay!  Check out your local listing for days and times 🙂

Have a fab day!

Your Head Chick, Laura xoxo



3 thoughts on “WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – We have a TV Series!

  1. Hi, Just watched my first Fit Chick on tv, looks great even did some, my situation is I retired a year ago , I’m 63, quit smoking 9 months ago gained 20lbs, and have a bit of a back problem, can you do a show on the proper exercises to help with this.?

    1. First of all HUGE congrats on quitting smoking! That is a amazing achievement and will have huge health benefits for the long haul:) Thanks for the feedback and we will def take this as we move forward in our next tv series. You should always consult a physician if you have injuries before starting a program to make sure they approve the exercises but walking is always an AMAZING way to keep to active and also to lose weight (if that is your goal). A pedometer is an awesome tool (try for 10k steps per day!) but again just make sure to check with your doc first 🙂

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