WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – Hydration Station!

Hey Chicks,

So summer seems to have fully arrived on the East Coast and so has the heat.  Even indoors today while filming for our upcoming TV Series `Shape Up with FIT CHICKS` (we have 9 episodes filmed so far- yay!), it was super HOT! I think I drank about 12 bottles during taping alone 🙂

laura jackson fit chicks
Rehydration time...bottle number 5!

The average chicks needs approx 2.3- 3 litres of water everyday just to replenish water loss throughout the day (ie breathing, sweating, going to the bathroom.number 1 and number 2!).  This does not include the extra sweat you lose during your outdoor sweat sessions!

Chicks, here are some little tips to make sure you are staying hydrated in these warmer temps:

  1. Sipping water all day. You dont want to guzzle all at once (plus it can upset the tummy!) and if you are feeling really thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Try sipping from morning til night.
  2. Count how many bottles you drink. Easiest way is buy a re usable bottle that is 500ml or 1 litre.  This way you can track your intake.
  3. Eat your water. A lot of hydration comes from the water in your fruits and veggies.  Try lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon, celery…think high water content!
  4. Flavour your water. If you are bored with your water, try adding frozen berries, cucumber, mint, rosemary, lemons, limes. It will taste great and look pretty too.  Check out a couple of water concoctions that I made on CTV Morning for ideas

So chicks as the weather gets hotter, please make sure you are adding extra agua to your day (especially as we are sweating up a storm outdoors at bootcamp).

Stay cool!

Your Head Chick, Laura xo

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