WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – 15 episodes filmed

Hey Chicks,

So we just got back from 2 days in a row of filming for our upcoming TV series (Yay – we are 15 episodes done!) and this chick is zonked! I was instructing the last 2 rounds of episodes and had an absolute blast with some of my fave peeps including Tessa from our Toronto Harbourfront Bootcamp, Jenn – my amazing chick who has lost over 100lbs and of course, my co Head Chick / BFF Amanda.

So while I am feeling a little zonked, I just wanted to use this post to say I am feeling super grateful for this opportunity and getting to have a job where I get to hang with such kick butt women everyday (yes I am super cheesy like that!).  Thanks for being part of my day, this experience and most of all being the beautiful fabulous chicks you are!

To all my chicks out there!

Now I am off for some ZZZ’s to finish off our June sessions tomorrow night with my Danforth Chicks before our July Bootcamps start on July 3rd (and we you can still save the $50 off with our sweet summer promo:)

Have a fabulous day!


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