MOTIVATION MONDAY – Try something that scares you!

Hey Chicks!
Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but held off? Maybe you were too nervous to fail, scared to get hurt or just unsure how to even go about trying it?
All of the above is how I felt about riding a motorbike but luckily for me the bf and some friends were practicing stunts and invited me along to give it a shot – no not stunting for me just cruising in a mini parking lot.

I am not going to lie, I was super nervous, like almost pee my pants nervous but I also loved the feeling of being scared and trying something I have always wanted to do.
The bike was super heavy to start off with, like seriously out-weighed me but luckily these guys were able to help me hold it up to get started. Also, being a little short for the bike, about half a foot off the ground on both sides lol I had some help centering it while I gained the courage to actually let go of the clutch to have the bike move at a speed of about 9 km lol.

After cruising the lot a few times I finally got gutsy and started to play with the throttle which means I actually gave the bike some gas – scary city!! I think the scariest part though was when the boys yelled to me that if I felt like the bike was going to tip over just to “jump off and clear it” – like, seriously lol?!

Top speed for my day was 28km and although I felt a bit more confident at the end I didn’t want to push my luck. Besides I had to get their help to stop the bike since again being a shorty once the bike stopped it would tip over and the chances of me catching this monster with my one leg was a little iffy for me.

Once I slowly and awkwardly climbed off the bike Kyle decided to give it a shot and show me how it is really done doing wheelies and drifting the bike. I am thinking maybe I will try this like next time, or never!

Moral of this story, chicks try something new, something that scares you, something that makes your heart jump!
The sense of accomplishment in the end will usually outweigh the fear in the beginning.

Your Head Chick, Amanda xo

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