MOTIVATION MONDAY – Make today a game changer

Hey Chicks!

You know how sometimes you are in the middle of bootcamp class or a workout and all of a sudden it just burns to the max, or your feel like you can’t go on – I am here to say you have to dig deep and find that one thing to motivate you and keep moving!

Sweaty high intensity intervals
You know you are working hard when your shirt looks like this!

I know easier said than done but trust me this is the time when you want to dig deep and keep going. Those last reps, steps and strokes are the ones that count the most since this is when you are getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to new limits. These are the moments when you are changing your body and really making this workout a game changer for yourself and you are the only one who can do this, nobody else is going to train for you so make it count!

hockey trainings
My inspiration: Hockey Players!

One thing that I always do when I am hitting my own walls and starting to let my head get in the way of my workout is I think of a person who inspires me. Like for example when I run, I think of hockey players. If you know me you know that running is not on my faves list at all! I do it because I know it is good for me but OMG do I dislike it the whole time!  Since I am not into running, I usually have lots of thoughts rushing through my brain regardless of how high I have my music bumping so what I do is think of hockey players. Again, strange I know since I am not the sporty type but I think of them and how hard they work every single day to be the best they can at their craft. I think of what it takes for them to reach their goals everyday and to be in the game they are in.  I think about how hard they have to push in every single moment in order to maintain their jobs and game. I then think that they would never let something like being a little out of breath or sore legs stop them from getting to the place they want to get to and so then I am motivated to keep moving and be my best.

Working out is physical yes, but it is also mental. If you let your head get the best of you and talk you out of your goals, you are then not letting yourself be your best…and chicks you deserve only the best! Get out there and make it happen and make today a game changer for yourself – you will be happy you did!

Have a fab day,
Your Head Chick, Amanda xo

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