Dropping 11lbs & taking control: Celebrating Cherine’s amazing fitness journey


June has come, almost gone and we are getting ready to a new fierce, fit, fun outdoor bootcamp starting July 3rd – yay! What better way to start the month than by sharing the amazing fitness journey of one of our West Coast chicks, Cherine from our Calgary SW Bootcamp.

fitness and weightloss success story
BEFORE – The amazing Cherine

After a battle with infertility, Cherine has taken control of her health, weight (losing 11lbs and 6 inches), stress levels and is living proof of the power that healthy changes can make to your life (we call it living la vida FIT CHICK!).  Check out Cherine’s story below!

fitness and weight loss success story
AFTER: Terrific, transformed and stress free Cherine!

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS and start a fitness program?

My husband and I have been trying to start a family over the past three years.  It’s been stressful, I’ve gained weight!  Test after test, a surgery, an unsuccessful IVF (In vitro fertilisation) cycle and another unsuccessful IVF cycle.  We have decided to give IVF another try but using donor eggs.  I really wanted to lose some weight to prepare.  I set my goal to lose 15 lbs in 12 weeks as well as reset my eating habits which I think will enable me to keep it off and properly nurture a growing baby going forward.  I knew the inches would come off with hard work too.  Then, I thankfully I found Fit Chicks bootcamp half a block from my house!

2. How did FIT CHICKS help you in reaching your fitness & weight loss goals an?

My Chick Sergeant rocks!  Kim is always smiling and is very motivating.  The weekend challenges she emails on Friday’s encourage me to get a workout in, in-between classes.  I never would have thought that I’d be waiting for a workout challenge and look forward to doing it!  I can kick my husbands butt on a workout!  The printable workouts and the 20 min hottie video that are available make it very easy to get a workout in when there isn’t much time to spare.  I kept a food journal, it works!  Thanks for all the tips!

3. What is your fave FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercises do you love to hate?

I’d have to say the “8 steps to Fabulousness”.  It surely kicked my butt the most!  I do like the tabatas too. Push ups are my most love to hate exercise although I have gotten a lot better at them!  Squats, squats and more squats, I know they are the best thing but……

4. What have your results been like since joining bootcamp?

At my eight week measurements I had lost 11 lbs and  6 inches.  The feeling after finishing a bootcamp class is invigorating!  Especially when Kim tells us all we did such a great job!  I feel that I have more energy all throughout the day and I’m less stressed.  🙂  I love the bootcamp hour for my “me” time.  And of course it’s very rewarding to see results!

5. What would you say to a chick who is looking to start her fitness journey?

I would recommend it because it definitely keeps you motivated and on track.  The Chick Sergeant gives modifications to many of the exercises so that you can keep up at the level that works for you.  The support with extra workouts and tips through the website and blog are very helpful too.  It is also very supportive to be in the bootcamp with wonderful chicks that are there for the same reason as you!

Cherine, we are so proud of you and how you have taken control of your stress and your health…it is so inspiring to all chicks that starting (or already started!) living la vida FIT CHICK that they can do it too (and how fitness can really help you through challenging times!) Thanks for allowing us to help along your journey, sharing your story with us and keep up the fabulous work!


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