Finding your inner fit chick in your 50’s: Celebrating Cathy’s fitness and health journey


Each month we celebrate a chick who embodies all things FIT CHICKS including fab fitness results, healthy changes in mind & body and  is inspiration to those around her (we are all warm and fuzzy!). This month, we are celebrating Cathy from our North York Bootcamp, who shows that you can still start a fab, fierce fitness journey in your 50’s (and make some new friends too!)

Before: Fit chicks health and weightloss success story
BEFORE: The Chicktastic Cathy

Introducing the stronger, sassier, super fabulous Cathy after finding the sweet benefits of high intensity interval training (and maybe one day a love of burpees?! 🙂  Amazing work chick!

After fit chicks weightloss success story
AFTER: Strong, sassy Cathy striking a pose with her jump rope!

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

Diane B., a friend and neighbour who lives down the street, wanted company when she decided to join so she asked me if I would go with her.  I participated in regular fitness classes in the past but once I had my son, I fell out of the routine.  My time was not my own and the space in my house was not conducive to doing the video workouts that I used to do.  While I walked regularly, biked and hiked in the summer, I needed to incorporate regularly scheduled workouts into my routine.  This bootcamp fit the bill.

2. How did FIT CHICKS help you in reaching your goals?

Fit Chicks is an excellent year-round option for getting at least 2 regular workouts a week.  While I wasn’t in poor shape when I joined Fit Chicks, I feel better about my body now and great after each class!  I am well into my 50s now and maintaining a minimum fitness level is very important to me and I know I am stronger as a result of attending Fit Chicks classes.

3. What is your fave FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercises do you love to hate?

I enjoy the Tabatas sessions a lot.  I endure pushups but I would see some improvement in mine. I tolerate burpees (they are so hard!) and I don’t mind skipping because I know both are effective exercises.  I also really like the plank variations too for working the core.

4. What have your results been like since joining bootcamp?

My weight loss results have been very moderate as I did not have a lot to lose.  I have lost about 4 pounds and just a few inches but fat has been replaced by muscle.  But I know that I am more toned because a number of people have commented that I look like I have lost weight.  Interestingly, I am wearing the same clothes as before but they fit way better. More important, I definitely feel better and am more fit overall.

5. Why would you recommend FIT CHICKS bootcamp to a girlfriend?

Our Chick Sergeant Steph is very motivating. Each class is different and she makes sure to incorporate a variety of programs into each session, and exercises with a focus on different body parts into each evening.  Our class is a lot of fun and it has enabled me to get to know some of my neighbours better as 2 other ladies on my street have also attended during the past couple of years.  It’s lots of fun and a challenge, both mentally and physically.

Cathy, we are so proud of you and how you have truly embraced the healthy spirit…it is so inspiring to all chicks who are starting (or already started!) living la vida FIT CHICK that they can do it too! Thanks for allowing us to help along your journey and keep up the fabulous work!


PS You can still join in on the sweat sessions for fab results when we start our May Session on May 7th so make sure to sign up..we would love to give you some tough love!

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