FITNESS FRIDAY: Getting real about getting results!

Hey Chicks!
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I work so hard in class and am still not seeing the results I want, what gives?”

If so then this blog post is for youJ
First of all, I need all you chicks out there who are asking the same question to start off by being honest with yourself and answer these questions below:


1. Are you working out to your 9 out of 10 at every bootcamp class?

Like I am talking breathing out of your mouth and pushing past that “ugly zone” each and every time.

With our High Intensity Interval Training Bootcamp classes it is proven that you will burn up to 5 x more calories than a traditional fitness class but you gotta work! That is the thing with HITT training; you need to be pushing to your absolute max. Remember chicks you will get out of your workouts what you put in so just give’r! Besides you don’t have time to waste so make every second count.

2. What are you eating to fuel your body?

Yes, I said fuel; you need to be thinking good foods will help to keep that fat burning engine going strong. Fill your engine up with the simple sugars, starches and carbs and you will run on empty quickly, be left feeling hungry, dissatisfied and down from the sugar crash. Unpackaged, unprocessed foods like lean proteins, veggies and healthy fats are the way to go. Remember chicks, you are what you eat so treat yourself well.

3. Do you have your SMART goals set?

My personal fitness goal is to be able to do 75 push ups consecutive on my toes within the next 45 days – ambitious yes – but I am determined!

Head Chick Laura made a great point today and said to me “goals without deadlines are just dreams”!

Dream big chicks but plan properly and set up your own SMART Goals! Use the Goal Setting Tools your received in your Chick Pack as part of our Bootcamp program and get on your way to reaching every goal – the sky’s the limit!

4. What is your plan to keep you moving and motivated outside of Bootcamp class?

Find a new activity you love outside of Bootcamp, mark it in your calendar, do it at least once a week, make it a date and stick to it. Or find a fellow chick to help you not only stay accountable to your two workouts outside of class but also a friend you can do the workouts with. There is nothing more motivating than reaching your goals with someone to celebrate with and nothing says friendship like a burpee competition lol.

Now that you have honestly answered all of the questions above you should be able to see areas that might need some TLC.

So chicks take the bull by the horns and get at it.

The only thing you have to lose is potential inches and frustrationJ

Amanda xo

What is your 9 out of 10?
What is your 9 out of 10?

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