FAB FITNESS FRIDAY- Staying your fitness track

Hey Chicks!

While I am not a mama chick I have been around many peeps dealing with the time crunch of fitting in back to school and after school sports and activities with your own fitness schedule. I have also been in the shoes of being a full time student, working full time and trying to eat healthy, stay active and avoid the on the go foods.

Do you ever feel like this, chicks?

The one piece of advice I have for you today is to make sure that you are still finding time to be good to yourself..even when life feels overwhelming!
If you are not treating yourself with some TLC and keeping up with the things you need (like  Bootcamp, healthy meals you love to cook or a walk in the neighbourhood with some of your local chicks) you will not be at your personal best. And if that happens, then you are then not being everything I know you can be in your life and to those around you who you love so dear.
So make sure even with the time crunch that the shorter days of fall bring on that you are still giving to yourself what you need to be the fittest, most fab chick you can!
Have a fab weekend!

Amanda xo

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