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Chick of the Month


Hey Chicks,

As always we are super pumped to announce this month’s Chick of the Month, the Chicktastic Kathy Quinn! Kathy has lost over 9 pounds, 10 inches and 2 dress sizes with the help of FIT CHICKS bootcamp. Fabulous!

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What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS North York Bootcamp?


You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words!! Well, in summer of 2010, a friend took, what was supposed to be, a romantic picture of both my husband and I looking over the lake at our cottage at sunset. When she showed it to me, I didn’t even recognize the person in the picture. I couldn’t believe the weight I had put on and I knew at that moment that I needed to do something. I quit smoking after 20+ years on and off, changed my diet and eating habits and over just a few months I shed 9 LBS. Naturally the next step was to find a fitness program that would work for me. I have 3 kids and a full time job so I am limited on time. I got on the internet and found FIT CHICKS. Since that day, I have shed and additional 9 LBS and am almost at my goal weight.

How did FIT CHICKS help you in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals?


FIT CHICKS worked with me every step of the way, encouraging me to push a little harder and to challenge myself. My fab Chick Sergeant Steph gave me some homework exercises to address shoulder issues I had from a skiing injury, and as a result my range of motion has improved significantly.

One of my goals, other than finding my hidden abs, was to wear and look good in a bikini (something I hadn’t done in 15 or so years…) with my goal being summer 2011. Well, this February my husband and daughter and I went to Barbados – I wore a bikini and I rocked it!!

What is your fave FIT CHICKS workout? What body toning exercises do you love to hate?


Favourite work out is doing sprinting tabatas – 20 seconds full speed, 10 second slow (4 minute intervals) – time really flies…

I love to hate plank related exercises and pushups since I’ve never really had much upper body strength.

What have your health and fitness results been like since joining FIT CHICKS bootcamp?


Physically, my whole body shape is changing. I am starting to notice more definition in my arms and legs. My husband has commented on my butt.. hmmmm. Personally, I sleep better, have less pain in my lower back, and have more energy; I truly feel better and stronger then I have in years.

Why would you recommend FIT CHICKS bootcamp to a girlfriend?


FIT CHICKS works! With no complicated machines, it’s personal and back to basics. Your chick sergeant is there to motivate you, push you and teach you how to do the exercises safely and correctly. You not only get the benefit of a network of fab ladies at all fitness levels, encouraging each other to get through it, you also get the equivalent of a personal trainer.  You get ongoing support and emails with great information on nutrition, recipes and a downloadable workout video. I would, and have, recommended FIT CHICKS…. 2 of my very best friends have been attending along with me and have also brought some chicks in. There is no doubt they will appear on your upcoming Chick of the Month nominations.

Congratulations, Chick! You look FABULOUS!!

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