North York Bootcamp Chicks in Action!

Hey chicks!

     We are excited that it’s the weekend –  woop woop! As you go into the weekend, don’t forget to do a quickie workout. Whether it’s one of your at-home workouts from your FIT CHICKS Chick Pack, your “High Intensity Hottie” Video Workout, or running after the kids, make sure you do something physical this weekend!

     We know it can be easier working out in groups and getting support from your fellow peeps. So to keep you motivated, we have the fantastic Chick Sergeant Steph some FABULOUS chicks from our North York FIT CHICKS Bootcamp location to show you some sweet moves!

     Being physical and taking care of your bod is important, but so is having fun with other fierce femmes like yourself! So throw on some sneakers and a smile, and get to sweatin’!

How do you plan on to get your workouts in this Family Day Weekend?

PS: Don’t forget that March FIT CHICKS Bootcamps start March 7th – make sure to sign up today!


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