December Chick of the Month

Hey Chicks!

This month’s Chick of the Month is the fabulouso Carol di Meo!


Here’s this months Q&A:

FC – How long have you been attending GI JANE Bootcamp?

CD- I’ve been attending G.I. Bootcamp since September 8 and am enrolled until the end of October

FC – What were you top 3 goals when joining bootcamp? What have your results been like?

CD – My top 3 goals were to improve cardio fitness, learn to exercises to do at home and to become more concious of what I eat. I have lost a few pounds but even more inches.

FC – What is your fave exercise?

CD – My favourite exercise now was my least favourite exercise when I started G.I. Bootcamp…and that is the Plank.  I found it virtually impossible to do at the beginning but I now see improvement; a little more sustaining power in staying upright.

FC – Did you find the classes to be inviting and accessible?

CD – I found classes to be very inviting, very accessible, no pressure, easygoing and exhilarating!

FC – What is your definition of a FIT CHICK?

CD – My definition of a FIT CHICK is a woman who, regardless of body shape, age, physical ability(ies),  realizes that she is worth the time,  effort and planning it takes to set realistic goals, work on achieving them and celebrating the power of feeling the best she can.

Chickeriffic work, Carol!

Remember Carol has only been with us for 8 weeks and has still experienced awesome results – there is still time to get in shape for the holidays if you sign up today!

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