August Chick of the Month

Hey Chicks!!

We’re excited to introduce you to this month’s Chick of the Month – the fabulous Susanna Willie! Check out our interview with this awesome Chick…

FC – How long have you been attending G.I. Jane Bootcamp?

SW – I’ve been attending fo 4 months

FC – What have your results been like? What were your top 3 goals for joining FIT CHICKS?

SW – My results are amazing!!! My top 3 goals were to lose weight, get toned, and get more flexible – all 3 goals were achieved. I’ve lost 15 pounds and 8 inches!

FC – What is your favorite exercise?

SW – Lunges with weights & squats with weights – I feel they really work my legs and butt!

FC – Do you find our classes to be inviting and accessible?

SW – Yes! The reason why I keep coming back is that each week the class is different, its fun!

FC – What is your definition of a FIT CHICK?

SW – Someone who is confident, not afraid of anything, just throws themselves into life, and who takes that leap of faith and goes for it!

Awesome work Susanna, you look fab!

Wanna get results like Susanna’s? Sign up for the next G.I. JANE Bootcamp!

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