September Chick of the Month

As always, we are super proud to announce this month’s Chick of the Month. Jane has had awesome results since starting GI JANE Bootcamp with us! Check out our interview with her.

FC – How long have you been attending GI JANE Bootcamp?

JZ – Since 3 May 2010. My husband found Fitchicks online and signed me up for the first month (as a surprise).  I liked it so much I have continued on.

Aug_chickofthemonthFC – What have your results been like? What were your top 3 goals when starting this program?

JZ – Excellent results – I have not been very fit until joining Fitchicks.  I have plenty of people telling me I look better (and most don’t know what I’m up to), my clothes are fitting better and the massage therapist I have seen since 2005 noticed that both my quads and hamstrings are much stronger (I told her after the massage what I was doing differently).  I will see my family doctor shortly for my annual physical – I am anxious to hear what he says (I have no current health issues and wish to keep it that way)!

My Goals:

* Attend class consistently (on track)

* Stay with the program until desired fitness achieved (on track – plan to stay until at least end of January 2011 which will be 9 months completed – and possibly longer).

* Make fitness a permanent part of my lifestyle; I used the saying ‘it takes 21 days to create a good habit’ as a benchmark – I have attended more than 21 classes and only ‘hit the wall’ once so far.

FC – What is your fave exercise?

JZ – Tied between squats and lunges. As a teenager I had very strong legs (cycling) that became ‘thunder thighs’ in my 30s – my thighs are definitely showing the most improvement overall.

FC – Did you find the classes to be inviting and accessible?

JZ – Absolutely – all the gals at class are in ‘the same boat’ as me which makes story-sharing more fun. Our Chick Sergeant Violet is fun and always smiling and, until she told me later, I had no idea she started the same time I did.

FC – What is your definition of a FIT CHICK?

JZ – A Fit Chick is someone who tries new physical and mental activities outside their comfort zone. She is someone that does not give up easily, someone who pushes herself and overcomes fear of the unknown.

Amazing work Jane, you are doing FABULOUS!!

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