July Chick of the Month

Hey Chicks!!

We are proud to announce our newest Chick of the Month – Jen Reashore! Doesn’t she look fabulous??? Read on to hear about Jen’s FIT CHICKS experience….

jenniferb4andaftrFC – How long have you been a FIT CHICK?

JR – I’ve been going to G.I. Jane boot camp since January 2010 and totally lovin’ it!!!

FC – What have your results been like so far? What were your top 3 reasons for joining G.I. Jane Bootcamp?

JR – I have lost 14 inches and 40lbs so far. My top 3 goals were to lose weight, tone up and improve my overall health.

FC – What are your fave exercises?

JR – I would have to say that one of my favorite exercises would be burpees. In the beginning I really use to hate them but I have learned to love them since my Chick Sergeant Jamie has made us do sooo many of them. I also like any type of squat as my toosh needs the work! I also really like any sort of ab work even though it kills.

FC – Do you find the classes accessible?

JR – I have found the class to be very accessible. All of the Chick Sergeants are super positive and full of energy. They make everyone feel included by providing different intensity levels for everyone from beginners to those who are more advanced. They make it fun to be in pain!

FC – Finally, what is is your definition of a FIT CHICK?

JR – My definition of a fit chick is someone who shows up to every class without excuses and works their butt off-literally! Someone who tries their best whether it be one push up or fifty and someone who pushes themselves to do more than they thought possible.

Chickerrific work Jen! We are so proud of you!!

You can get results like Jen’s too! Sign up today for one of FIT CHICKS G.I. Jane Bootcamps in either Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa or Calgary to unleash your hot bod this summer!!

One thought on “July Chick of the Month

  1. Jen – you look amazing!!! The Beaches FitChicks must be doing something right to have 2 chicks of the month!!! I’m sweatin’ it up FitChicks style in Port Credit now, but miss you guys…say hi to all the FitChick lifers for me!!!

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