Chick of the Month

Hey Chicks!!

We are super proud to announce this month Chick of the Month – Amanda Radice! Amanda has lost a ton of inches and looks fit and fabulous! Check out our interview with her:

FC – How long have you been attending G.I. Jane Bootcamp?

AR – Since January 3, 2010, my birthday!

FC – What have your results been like? What were your top 3 goals for
joining this program?

AR – They have been surprisingly great! I have lost inches everywhere and/or balanced out in terms of muscle size. I have also steadily been able to increase my endurance and strength on the fit tests. My top 3 goals were and still are to maintain a fitness plan no matter how busy I am, be more aware of the foods that I am eating and how they impact my health and the way I feel, and get comfortably back into a dressy body suit I used to wear.

FC – What is your favorite exercise?

AR – Holding low squats and squeeze to the left and then the right. I always smile when we do them. I also like walking lunges and butt busters.

FC – Did you find the class to be inviting and accessible?

AR – Yes! My Chick Sargeant Nadine is great at welcoming and accommodating all participants. In addition, you begin to get to know and feel comfortable with everyone and when someone is missing you wonder where there are. Nadine also does a great job at keeping us motivated even when we are ready to give up.

FC – What is your definition of a FIT CHICK?

A FIT CHICK is a woman who wants to strive to have or maintain a heathly balanced lifestyle by pushing themselves both physically and mentally beyond their capabilities so they can feel confident about themselves and that willtranslate that into everything that they do. That being said, it’s something that we have to work towards everyday because it is not easy.

Chickerrific work, Amanda!!

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